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Author photo of Dave Riese

Author photo of Dave Riese

Front Cover for Echo from Mount Royal

Front Cover for Echo from Mount Royal

Press Kit for Dave Riese and Echo from Mount Royal

Media Kit for Dave Riese and his novel, Echo from Mount Royal

First copies of the novel, Echo from Mount Royal, arrive at author's home

First copies of the novel Echo from Mount Royal arrive at author’s home





Upcoming Author Events

Tewksbury Library Fall Author Fair

Saturday, Nov 4, 10 am – 1 pm

I am signing books at the Fall Authors Fair on Sat, Nov 4 at the Tewksbury Library on 300 Chandler St, Tewksbury, MA 01876

The Tewksbury Public Library is putting the spotlight on a diverse collection of Tewksbury and Wilmington authors with its first annual Tewksbury Book Festival on Saturday, November 4, from 10 am to 1 pm.

Stop by the library’s Meeting Room anytime during this event to meet local authors, learn about their books, enjoy complimentary donuts (10 am-
11:30 am), pizza (11:30 am-1 pm) and drinks, and enter to win free raffles.

Admission is FREE and open to all.

Video Resources

Watch the book trailer for Echo from Mount Royal, a novel about a strange romance in the Montreal of 1951.


Dave Riese is interviewed by Eileen MacDougall on her show Book Stew, a production of the Wilmington, Ma cable station (WCTV). My interview is combined with an interview with another author. The show cuts back and forth between us.


Dave Riese discusses his novel Echo from Mount Royal on The Author Connection with Jenny Hudson. The video is produced by Merrimack Media, Cambridge, MA.




Writers Critique Group

Currently, I am ‘workshopping’ the last two chapters of my novel in the Merrimack Publishing Writers Critique Group. The suggestions and concerns voiced by other writers are invaluable, often pointing out connections and possibilities that I haven’t thought of. More importantly, they identify passages where the characters act unbelievably or where a section is too long.

Sometimes the criticism is hard to take, but every comment has at least a grain of truth which must be considered. When I first submitted the last two chapters in June, I faced a chorus of negative feedback; one reader said, “You must have the two main characters meet one last time.” I rewrote the two chapters and they are stronger and more satisfying. I will hear what they think on August 26.

Read the first 25 pages of Echo from Mount Royal here.

The title of the novel was recently changed. The former title Will I Ever Know? was a temporary working title. The new title refers to Rebecca’s three visits to the mountain in the center of Montreal. (Plus I can use the teaser “What does she see from Mount Royal?” in my marketing campaign.)

The novel is currently in the hands of the copyeditor; his suggestions will be ready by the end of August. I will spend September making the changes and undertaking a final read-through. The next step will be proofreading. In the meantime I am thinking about a book cover and the wording for the front and back covers.

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A view from the Chalet du Mont Royal overlooking downtown Montreal
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The Lookout, Mount Royal Park, Montreal – V16203 © McCord Museum




Sherbrooke Street at night, Conrad Poirier, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

Rue Sainte-Catherine 1952

Montréal 1952. Rue Sainte-Catherine >Est, depuis rue Moreau, Philippe Du Berger
( licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode)

Rebecca on Mount Royal 2



Woman standing on Mount Royal, © Riva Weiss

Rebecca Photo





Portrait of woman, © Riva Weiss