To Market the Book Continues

As I’ve said, “To market the book takes time and some efforts won’t pay off.” The secret for ‘rising above the herd’ is to keep up your energy and market the book everyday. In light of that, I have good news and bad news. And some ‘maybe’ news!

First the bad news:
1. Sent out three news releases to three local newspapers. So far they’ve disappeared into a dark hole. Maybe the news release sounded too much like advertising, but I always thought hometown newspapers wanted to publicize local achievements.
2. I’ve had no response to my email to the director of the Montreal Literary Festival. I am hoping to apply to sell my book during the festival.

Now for the good news:Book Front Cover
3. Sent ‘class notes’ to my three college/universities: Bates, Boston Univ. and Suffolk Univ. Also sent books to the department that reviews alumni books. I will post the results when the magazines arrive.
4. Sent an email to all the people on our recent China trip. One traveler wrote back to say she’ll buy the book.
5. Worked some more on my author page on Goodreads. I will have a giveaway on the site starting around Wednesday, Feb 11.
6. Sent an email to a book promotion website called 2Paragraphs. They publish the first two paragraphs of your novel with the cover photo and a link to Amazon.

And a ‘maybe:’
7. My email to the Community Relations Director for Barnes and Noble in Boston has not been answered. A telephone call and resubmitting the email will be done on Monday, Feb 9.

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