Get ready, get set, market the book!

I can hardly believe that after 2 ½ years of work, Echo from Mount Royal is published and now it’s ‘all hands on deck’ to market the book.

Books arrived 2The UPS driver delivered the first 60 books on Thursday, January 8. Couldn’t wait to take a picture. But now the real work begins to market the book! Getting the word out. Keeping three balls in the air at once.
1. Modified my website to focus more on the book and upcoming events at which I will appear. Purchased another domain name: This new domain brings the user to the same site as
2. Added URLs on my website to direct visitors to the ebook and paperback editions on Amazon.
3. Designed and ordered business cards, postcards, and rack cards.
4. Purchased business card holders and plastic stand-up sign holders for display; padded mailers and labels for shipping books.
5. Sent a letter to the organizer of the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival to ask if there is a way I can take part in the festival this April.
6. Joined the Author Central on Amazon where I can track sales and rankings of my book. Filled out my author page on
7. Joined Goodreads as an author. Waiting to hear that I am approved.

To purchase the Kindle version on Amazon, click here
All ebook formats are available from Smashwords, click here



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