Echo from Mount Royal wins two prizes

Echo from Mount Royal wins two prizes in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Contest:Echo from Mount Royal wins two prizes

  • Winner in the General Fiction/Novel category
  • Second Place Grand Prize Winner for all fiction books

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2016 Indie Book 2nd Grand Prize 2016 Indie Book Fiction Winner


In its ninth year of operation, the Awards were established to recognize and honor the most exceptional independently published books for the year.



The Awards are presented by Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG) in cooperation with the Allen O’Shea Literary Agency.

Watch the book trailer for Echo from Mount Royal, a novel about a strange romance in the Montreal of 1951.
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Whatever possessed you?

I am often asked this question by a reader: Whatever possessed you as a man to write a novel from the point of view of an 18-year-old Jewish girl living in Montreal in 1951?

Possessed is the right word. Every morning, I had coffee in a café where I read a book to unwind after commuting to my job in Boston. Riva Weiss, an elderly woman who also stopped at the café before work, introduced herself and asked me what I was reading. Over several years, we discussed authors we liked and swapped favorite books.

When I told her I was retiring, she asked about my future plans. I said I wanted to write short stories “and maybe a novel.”

Rebecca WisemanRiva began telling me several stories about her childhood in Montreal. When I said they would make great short stories, she encouraged me to ‘write them up.’ I jumped at the chance.

One morning, soon after I finished writing two stories, Riva noted that I enjoyed literature with ‘dark’ themes. When I agreed she said, “Well then, I’ve got a story for you.” Over the next half hour she talked about her engagement when she was 18 years old to a young, wealthy man in Montreal in 1951. I was astounded by her story and couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Front Cover for Echo from Mount Royal

She graciously offered me the chance to ‘write’ it up. Immediately I was fascinated but knew that this was more than a short story. Riva was surprised when I brought in chapter after chapter for her to read. “I thought this was going to be another short story.” Like the apprentice’s broomsticks, the chapters kept coming. “But you haven’t even got to the proposal yet!” Even I wasn’t prepared for the final length: 90,000 words. “We’ve got a novel,” she said.

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Welcome to the website of Dave Riese, the author of Echo from Mount Royal

Montreal, 1951. A girl from a working class, Catholic-Jewish family falls in love. Book Front CoverHer courtship with a handsome, Jewish orthodox man fulfills her romantic dreams and his wealth introduces her to a world of upper-class privilege. When class, religion, sexual inexperience and family secrets test their love, she struggles to control events. And then, shocking revelations change her life forever.

Echo from Mount Royal wins two prizes

2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award:
Winner in the General Fiction/Novel category
Second Place Grand Prize Winner for all fiction books


2016 indieBRAG medallion winner

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