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Readers’ Favorite  5 Star Review

There is a story behind every photograph, especially a photograph of a lovely young girl standing on top of Mount Royal. Pierre knows this. He was part of the search and rescue team who searched the crash site of a passenger plane. Burnt photographThat’s where he found the photograph. He thought he recognized the young girl, but it didn’t come back to him right away. Searching the passenger list of the downed plane, Pierre is able to deduce the identity of the girl, someone he met years ago at his family’s cottage, someone who at the time was engaged to a friend of his, one of the passengers on the doomed plane.

Echo from Mount Royal is a tragedy. It’s Rebecca’s story; she’s the young girl in the photograph. She doesn’t know about the photograph’s discovery and it’s not until her grandson leads her through the confusing channels of the internet that she unravels a past that she would have wished to leave in the past. It’s a love story, a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and how the pattern of one’s life can change dramatically in just a blink of an eye. For Rebecca, this dramatic change was almost her undoing, as she came to realize that, “One cannot escape life. Whatever happens, one must endure.”

Readers' Favorite Five StarsAuthor Dave Riese has written a very moving romantic tragedy. His story begins almost like a memoir, a creative nonfiction story about a real person’s life. Two stories overlap; Pierre, the search and rescuer who discovered the photograph in the wreckage of a passenger plane, and Rebecca, the romantic young girl who innocently treads a path towards heartbreak. The story is well paced as it grips the reader right from the beginning. A well crafted story.

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

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Contemporary Books Review

Book Front CoverEcho from Mount Royal by Dave Riese
Review by Malka Ahmed,

Echo from Mount Royal by Dave Riese is a sweeping saga about young Rebecca who finds herself head over heels in love with Sol, a boy from a wealthy family.

Rebecca Wiseman
Rebecca Wiseman

Told from the perspective of a much older 81-year-old Rebecca, she recalls, in vivid detail, the year 1951, when she was only 18 years old and falling in love for the first time. She’s a bright college student living with her family in Montreal, Canada when her path crosses Sol. Not a typical romance because once they try to get to know each other as a couple, their own respective backgrounds and family secrets begin to surface, threatening to tear them apart. Firmly believing that love is more than enough to overcome any of the issues that they face, her tale is a reminder of the exhilarating joy first love can bring, and the deep scars it can leave behind. This story is full of great discussion topics such as first love, religion and social class, which is why it makes for an ideal read for a Book ClubTo read the complete review, click here

Author with Malka Ahmed at NE Authors Book Expo

Author with Malka Ahmed at NE Authors Book Expo

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10 Great Novels about Montreal

Montreal has a rich history of novels in the world of fiction. Here is a selection of 10 great novels about Montreal that will help you travel to this fascinating city without leaving your armchair.<

1. Perhaps one of the best known novels is The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler. The book was made into a movie in 1973 starring Richard Dreyfuss and Randy Quaid. A great example of Richler’s satirical view of life, it is also a sympathetic story of a young man, a third-generation Jewish immigrant, who wants to succeed in the eyes of his father and grandfather.

2. Earth and High Heaven is a 1944 novel by Gwethalyn Graham. It reached number one on The New York Times bestseller list – a first for a Canadian novel – and stayed on the list for 37 weeks. A young woman from a wealthy Protestant family in Westmount falls in love with a Jewish lawyer from Ontario. They are forced to overcome the anti-Semitism of their society. The book won the Governor General’s Literary Award in 1944.

3. Nikolski, by Nicolas Dickner, won many awards including the Governor General’s Award for French fiction in 2005. The novel brings together three semi-nomadic 20-somethings living in the Plateau. Set in Montreal, the novel radiates deep, yet entertaining, musings on the meaning of home.

4. The House on Black Lake is a modern day gothic suspense/romance novel by an American novelist, Anastasia Blackwell. The book is a mesmerizing trip through the Montreal underworld, where Gypsies, fortune tellers and mystics create their own rules. The book tells the story of a woman’s obsession for a man leading her into secrets, betrayal and shocking fate.

5. Echo from Mount Royal takes place in 1951 Montreal, vividly re-created by the author Dave Riese. The novel tells the story of Rebecca Wiseman, an eighteen-year-old from a working class, Catholic-Jewish family in Outremont. A chance meeting with Sol Gottesman, the Jewish orthodox son of a wealthy Westmount businessman, begins an affair fulfilling her romantic dreams. When class, sexual inexperience and family secrets test their love, Rebecca struggles to control events with humor and compassion. But a late night phone call and its shocking revelation changes her life forever. Continue reading

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To Market the Book Continues

As I’ve said, “To market the book takes time and some efforts won’t pay off.” The secret for ‘rising above the herd’ is to keep up your energy and market the book everyday. In light of that, I have good news and bad news. And some ‘maybe’ news!

First the bad news:
1. Sent out three news releases to three local newspapers. So far they’ve disappeared into a dark hole. Maybe the news release sounded too much like advertising, but I always thought hometown newspapers wanted to publicize local achievements.
2. I’ve had no response to my email to the director of the Montreal Literary Festival. I am hoping to apply to sell my book during the festival.

Now for the good news:Book Front Cover
3. Sent ‘class notes’ to my three college/universities: Bates, Boston Univ. and Suffolk Univ. Also sent books to the department that reviews alumni books. I will post the results when the magazines arrive.
4. Sent an email to all the people on our recent China trip. One traveler wrote back to say she’ll buy the book.
5. Worked some more on my author page on Goodreads. I will have a giveaway on the site starting around Wednesday, Feb 11.
6. Sent an email to a book promotion website called 2Paragraphs. They publish the first two paragraphs of your novel with the cover photo and a link to Amazon.

And a ‘maybe:’
7. My email to the Community Relations Director for Barnes and Noble in Boston has not been answered. A telephone call and resubmitting the email will be done on Monday, Feb 9.



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Author photo of Dave Riese

Author photo of Dave Riese

Front Cover for Echo from Mount Royal

Front Cover for Echo from Mount Royal

Press Kit for Dave Riese and Echo from Mount Royal

Media Kit for Dave Riese and his novel, Echo from Mount Royal

First copies of the novel, Echo from Mount Royal, arrive at author's home

First copies of the novel Echo from Mount Royal arrive at author’s home





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